Félix Rodrigo Francisco

Taller en Barrio de Piovera


Taller en el Barrio de Piovera Distrito de Hortaleza. Son un taller especializados en Mecánica y Neumáticos  .

Félix Rodrigo Francisco están ubicados en Av. de Logroño, 154 del barrio de Piovera en el Distrito de Hortaleza de Madrid.

¿Conoces Félix Rodrigo Francisco? Si les conoces nos encantaría que nos dieras tu opinión, seguro que otras personas están buscando un taller de confianza en el Barrio de Piovera y tu opinión les sirve de gran ayuda.

Si en nuestro Listado de Talleres del Barrio de Piovera no encuentras un Taller que conoces y que te gustaría opinar sobre él, mándanos su Nombre, Dirección ó Teléfono a web@tutaller.tv y lo incluiremos a la mayor brevedad.

Estamos en proceso de visitar todos los Talleres del Distrito Hortaleza  para realizar un vídeo sobre sus instalaciones y su personal, para que les puedas conocer de una manera más directa. Nuestro objetivo es visitar todos los Talleres de Madrid y podamos ofrecerte todas las opiniones de sus clientes y la información verificada del taller sin censuras ni manipulaciones.


09:22 09 Nov 20
Since 2005 more or less they have a BMW of mine and it continues to be my name, I could not pay for the repair of the... vehicle and we reached an agreement, the workshop kept it and they sold it for the amount of the repair, it was a good bill so I gave in .My surprise today is that I enter traffic and they tell me that I have a BMW 320i under my name, with the registration number 1123BGS. I have not lived in Madrid for a long time, and no matter how much I call the fixed number, my calls are transferred to a voice mailbox.I would like to clarify all this, why am I going to go directly to traffic to de-register the vehicle. And after denouncing the man from the workshop, I know he lives in Coslada, at least before.read more
Future Rack
Future Rack
00:02 16 May 19
Jorge R. Antón Montes
Jorge R. Antón Montes
11:05 30 Jul 18
It's no wonder that it closed (I think) with the Cecauto franchise.I have just passed the review, in due time and... form, in another workshop (of another chain) and they have confirmed (always according to them) that in the previous one the air and cabin filters were not replaced, that if anything they would have been given "a blown "and they would have put them back ... that some filters are not put like that from one revision to another or living in the desert or in Beijing with the pollution ... Needless to say, I paid as if they had been replaced, of course, and in fact that is how it was included in the repair bill.Come on, just in case I have not returned nor will I return.read more
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